Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Screening and Identification of exopolysaccharide producing Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from traditional Iranian Kishk (Khorasan province) and determination of gene expression    Ph.D    rahnama, pariya    2018-04-30
2    Study on the biocompatibility of diamond nanoparticles in gram positive bacteria and introducing their possible applications in food Technology    Ph.D    Norouzi, Neda    2018-04-25
3    Adherence inhibition of Cronobacter sakazakii to intestinal epithelial cells in vitro by selected probiotic isolates and galactooligosachharide and preparation of a synbiotic infant formula supplement    Ph.D    Fatemi, Saeede    2018-03-12
4    Monitoring the degree of proteolysis, ACE inhibitory, and antioxidant activity in yogurts produced by using different adjunct cultures isolated from Khorasan traditional yogurts.    M.Sc.    soltani, mahsa    2018-03-06
5    Detection of Escherichia coli O157 H7 in slaughtered chicken using PCR technique in the karbala city    M.Sc.    ALKHAZAAL, AHMED    2018-02-13
6    Effects of probiotics and prebiotics on improving intestinal inflammation caused by food emulsifiers in animal model    Ph.D    Rousta, Esmat    2017-12-19
7    Technological Characteristics of Lactobacillus spp. Isolated from Iranian Raw Milk Motal Cheese    M.Sc.    Ebadi nezhad hosseini, seyyed javad    2017-08-01
8    Technological and anti-microbial characteristics of nonpathogenic strains Entrococcuse faecium subsp. Faecium isolated from traditional cheese and its application in Dough    M.Sc.    ardaghi, zahra    2017-05-30
9    Evaluation of anti-yeast activity of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains isolated from Iranian traditional cheeses in drinking Yoghurt.    M.Sc.    afzali, saeid    2017-05-30
10    Yogurt production by isolates obtained from traditional yogurt samples of Khorasan in comparison with a yogurt made by commercial starter    M.Sc.    barmak, fatemeh    2017-03-07
11    Investigation of the Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Aflatoxin Binding and the Role of Physicochemical Factors in Cell Wall-Toxin Complex Formation and Its Stability in a Model System    Ph.D    sohrabi balesini, mohammad    2017-02-06
12    Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of Iranian honey after ultrasound assisted liquefaction    M.Sc.    kaboli, nadia    2016-07-05
13    In vitro Evaluation of antifungal activity of annatto natural dye and study its effects on microbial , physicochemical and sensory properties of Burger Buns    M.Sc.    rezaei borojerdi, samaneh    2016-07-05
14    .Isolation and identification of Alicyclobacillus spp from different steps in production line of tomato paste    M.Sc.    Bakhtiyari, Shahnaz    2016-07-05
15    Study on Some Bioactive Properties of Kilka Fish Protein Hydrolysate    M.Sc.    qara, sepide    2016-04-12
16    In vitro evaluation of enteric viruses survival in the process of traditional ice cream production using Male-specific coliphage (MS2)    M.Sc.    ghadirzad, sheila    2015-12-08
17    Evaluation of the antiviral activity of bioactive peptide LL-37 against MS2 and foodborne viral pathogen Hepatitis A Virus (HAV)    Ph.D    Hosseini, Zohreh    2015-10-20
18    Characterization of antibacterial properties of Lactobacillus spp. isolated from Motal cheese based on specific gene coding bacteriocins    M.Sc.    azizi, fahime    2015-06-16
19    Evaluation the antimicrobial effect of the essential oil of mastic tree sap (Pistacia atlantica Subsp. Kurdica) on Penicillium expansum in whey protein-based edible films    M.Sc.    abbaspour monjezi, samira    2015-06-16
20    The Effect of Native and Commercial Strains (Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus fermentum) on Metabolite Profile of Yoghurt and Serum of Two Groups of Consumers    Ph.D    Noorbakhsh, Hamid    2015-06-13
21    In vitro evaluation of enteric viruses survival in the process of traditional butter production using Male-specific coliphage (MS2)    M.Sc.    Fatemizadeh, Saeideh Sadat    2015-05-12
22    Production of nanoemulsion containing plant essential oils and lactic acid bacteria culture filtrates to induction of resistance and control of post harvest rots of apple and pear    Ph.D    nikkhah maman, Mehdi    2015-03-10
23    Assessment the possibility of biodegradation of polyethylene food packaging by selected bacteria    Ph.D    MONTAZER, ZAHRA    2015-02-01
24    Modeling of prediction of bioactive compounds production in probiotic yoghurt produced by commercial starter cultures and isolates obtained from artisanal yoghurt    Ph.D    tavakkoli fadiheh, maryam    2014-06-16
25    Isolation and identification of the lactic acid bacteria from traditional Iranian butter and evaluation their potential as a cholesterol-reducing probiotics in industrial butter    Ph.D    Ostadzadeh, Mahboubeh    2014-06-15
26    The effect of pistacia atlantica resin and inulin mix on physicochemical, rheological and sensory properties of Lowfat yoghurt    Ph.D    nickfar, farshid    2014-06-14
27    Electrospun Nanofibers of Lecithin and Zein as Nano Carriers of Vitamin C: Characterization and stability kinetic study    Ph.D    miri, mohammad amin    2014-06-10
28    Evaluation of Lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora)leaves extraction by steam distillation and microwave and evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity    M.Sc.    koohkan, najmeh    2014-03-11
29    Effect of sourdough, date seed powder, and their combination on quality & glycemic index of baguette bread    M.Sc.    Haghighi Bavafa, Reza    2014-02-25
30    Evaluation of Iranian white cheese processing on the survival and the partitioning of enteric viruses using MS2 entrobacteriophage    M.Sc.    aghhavanishajari, somayeh    2014-02-04
31    Optimize of Formulation and Survey of Quality Properties of Functional Cheese analogues made from Sesame oil, cow    Ph.D    yasaei mehrjardi, gholamreza    2013-11-24
32    Optimizing formula of cream the vegetable (soya milk and sunflower oil ) and dairy mixture with capability of whipping    Ph.D    sadeghizadeyazdy, jalal    2013-11-24
33    Survival of pathogenic enteric viruses on lamb and poultry meat at different conditions, using entrobacteriophage MS2 as a surrogate of enteric viruses    Ph.D    pezeshki, parnian    2013-11-20
34    Effect of Stevia, Isomalt and maltodextrin, on Physico-Chemical Properties of Wheat Starch and Flour and the quality of biscuit    Ph.D    Pourmohammadi, kiana    2013-11-20
35    Investigation of extraction methods on antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of pimpinella leaf extract leaf extract on shelflife of minced kilka fish    Ph.D    shokooh saremi, elham    2013-11-19
36    Study the antimicrobial effect of lactic acid bacteria strains isolated from lighvan traditional cheese on fruit juice spoilage microorganisms in culture media    M.Sc.    nayyeri, neda    2013-11-05
37    evaluation of enteric viruses survival in the processing of yoghourt production using male-specific coliphage(ms2)    M.Sc.    Moradi Moghadam, Somayeh    2013-06-18
38    Male specific (F+) RNA bacteriophages source tracking as a surrogate of enteric viruses on parsley and Allium ampeloprasum.L in Neyshabour using RT-PCR    M.Sc.    shahrampour, dina    2013-04-23
39    Isolation, Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of LacticAcid Bacteria from Artisanal Yoghurts in Khorasan and Study the Technological Properties of Yoghurt Producing Isolates    Ph.D    Hajimohamadi Farimani, Reza    2013-01-30
40    Optimiation of the Extraction Condition for Annatto Seeds Pigment by Maceration method and Study its Antimicrobial.    M.Sc.    yolmeh, mahmoud    2013-01-22
41    Extraction and isolation of fructans of Eremurus (Eremurus spectabilis) and Evaluation of their interactions with biopolymers of wheat flour using fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy    Ph.D    Pourfarzad, Amir    2012-11-20
42    Comparison quantitative molecular method (Multiplex real time PCR) and Howard Method Count (HMC) in order to definition of a novel method to determine quality control of fungal contamination    Ph.D    karazhyan, reza    2012-11-13
43    Characterization of antibacterial properties of Lactococcus lactis isolated from Lighvan cheese regarding structural gene of Nisin, Lacticin & Lactococcin    M.Sc.    attar, mohammad ali    2011-07-12
44    Evaluation of enzyme-modified cheese, whey protein concentrate and guar gum application for improvement of functional and organoleptic characteristics of imitation cheese containing sodium caseinate    M.Sc.    hosseini, marzie    2011-07-12
45    : Evaluation of osmotic dehydration as a pretreatment in hot-air drying and vacuum drying of pear and optimization of drying conditions with response-surface methodology    M.Sc.    Amiripour, Mojtaba    2011-05-24
46    Development of antimicrobial active packaging based on bioswitch concept and study on its efficiency against selected microorganisms    Ph.D    hosseini, fereshteh    2011-03-08
47    Evaluation of Physical and antimicrobial properties of edible film based on carboxymethyl cellulose incorporated with distillated oil essence of lemon and Coriander seed    M.Sc.    mohamad hosseyni, mahdi    2011-02-23
48    Investigation on effect of gums and soymilk on characteristics of dough and cake contain sorghum flour    M.Sc.    naghi poor, fariba    2011-02-01
49    Investigation on effect of gums and dairy powder on characteristics of dough and bread contain sorghum and soy flour    M.Sc.    sahraiyan, bahareh    2011-02-01
50    Identification of major molds producing Aflatoxin B1 and Ochratoxin A in red pepper (local spice of Khorasan province) and investigation on the effect of different storage and disinfection methods on the content of these mycotoxins.    Ph.D    salari, rosita    2010-07-31