numConference TitleDateCity
16th Asian Federation of Societies for Lactic Acid Bacteria International Symposium (AFSLAB Sym 2018)2018-05-05تهران
2International Congress on Nutrition2017-09-06مشهد
3Food safety Conference2015-04-06مسقط
41st Global Multidisciplinary eConference2013-11-10
51st International e- conference on Novel Food Processing2013-02-26مشهد
62012 ntemational Conference on Nutrition am{Food Sciences2012-08-11
7(2012 International Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences2012-07-23
8internnational confference of agricultural2012-07-11والنسیا
9international conferece of agricultural2012-07-11والنسیا
10Kiel Food Science Symposium 20122012-05-23کیل
11IDF International Symposium on Sheep, Goat and other non-Cow Milk2011-05-16آتن
12ICFEB 20112011-05-07بانکوک
132nd International Congress of Food Hygiene2011-04-30تهران
14First International Conference on Composites and Nanocomposites-ICNC 20112011-01-07
152010 International Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences2010-07-28
16The Second International Chester Food Science and Technology Meeting (ICFST2010-03-22چستر
17International Conference on Food Security2010-03-02مسقط
186th NIZO Dairy Conference2009-09-30papendal
19International Dairy federation,20092009-09-20برلین
20IDF Conference9:Food safety2009-09-20برلین
211st International Congress of Food Hygiene2009-04-25تهران
227th International symposium on the chemistry of natural compounds2007-10-16tashkent
234th International Symposium on Food Rheology and Structure2006-02-19زوریخ
24Third International Date Palm Conference2006-02-10ابوظبی
25ispuc - III fax transmission2000-03-20